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Patchouli Rose Herbal Apothecary

Rapunzel's Anagen Hair Regrowth Serum

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For visibly thicker, fuller and denser looking hair. In as little as three weeks you can start to see new hair growth, and overall healthier, stronger hair. With regular continued use, you'll notice visibly thicker, fuller and more voluminous tresses. Your hair will thank you!

This is an all natural, vegan product

HAIR TYPE: Fine, limp, flat hair.

HOW TO USE: Warming the oil allows it to penetrate the cuticle and the scalp making it more effective.

Place a few drops on your finger tips and massage into the scalp. Do this for 10 minutes. then pull the oil through the hair to the ends adding more product if needed. Then wrap hair in a warm cotton cloth or light towel.

Leave for as little as 10 minutes or as long as overnight. 

When ready, wash hair with shampoo being sure to thoroughly rinse the hair.

If you have fine, brittle hair you can also use Rapunzel's Anagen as a style aid.