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Patchouli Rose Herbal Apothecary

John Gary Cayenne & Ginger & mint Arthritis Pain Relief Rub

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This is an ointment that you can use for arthritis pain, achy joints, nerve pain, shingles, back pain etc.

Special note if you're using this rub for arthritis pain you may need to use this every day for a week to 2 weeks before seeing results ( feeling results).

This all natural pain relieving rub is made with oils infused with mint, cayenne and ginger plus therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil for their healing and uplifting qualities. 

John Gary arthritis pain relief rub leaves a nice warming sensation on the skin followed by a cooling effect.

HOW TO USE: With your fingertip, scoop out a small amount of salve ( a little goes a long way ), and slowly massage it into your achy muscles and joints.

PRECAUTIONS: Cayenne will burn or sting if it comes in contact with your eyes or nose, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after use, or wear gloves when applying.

DO NOT use on cuts or broken skin. If applying to your hands it's best to apply at night and possibly wear cotton gloves.

DO NOT use on young children.