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Patchouli Rose Herbal Apothecary

Holli Scotch Face & Body Calendula Lotion

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A wonderful daily moisturizer with plant powered benefits. Made with infused calendula herbal tea and calendula infused oil. This is a light lotion that is absorbed in the skin quickly. Leaving no oily feel on the face or body.

This lotion can soothe redness and reduce the amount of oil on the skin. It heals the skin and provides essential skin nourishing vitamins. The subtle scent is from lavender and geranium essential oils.

This lotion is emulsified and made in small batches. 

Helpful For: Sunburned skin, cold sores, cuts and minor wounds, burns, red and inflamed skin, razor burn, rosacea, psoriasis, eccema. 

How To Use: Apply in the morning to freshly cleansed face and body, and in the evening before bed. You can also apply throughout the day as needed.