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Patchouli Rose Herbal Apothecary

Good Skin Facial Serum With 1% Retinol

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This serum is made with rosehip seed oil, turmeric oil, and 1% retinol concentration.

The benefits of this serum are as follows:

  • reduced acne scaring,hyperpigmentation, and dark circles
  • smoothing skin and anti free-radicals
  • prevent mature signs and nourishing
  • boost skin radiance and natural glow
  • hydrates for soft, supple skin
  • helps to exfoliate and tighten skin
  • helps boost collegen, reduce inflamation
  • helps reduce sun damage and sun spots

This serum can help prop up the skin, giving it structure, firmness and elasticity. 

Retinol acts as a sheilding of environmental agressors to prevent aging. It is an antioxidant and delays the aging process of the skin! It also minimizes pore size and will help the skin stay hydrated and glowing.