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Patchouli Rose Herbal Apothecary

Betty of Roses Rose & Calendula Face and Body Lotion

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This is a wonderfully light moisturizer with plant powered benefits. Made with wildcrafted and ethically sourced rose and calendula flowers. This lotion is decadently rich and yet is quickly absorbed with no oily feel to the skin. 

Wild rose and calendula infused oil and tea is filled with antioxidants, is hydrating to the skin, contains Vitamin A and C which are known for reducing and preventing wrinkles. Rose and calendula can soothe redness and reduce the amount of oil on the skin.

Calendula heals the skin and provides essential skin nourishing vitamins. 

A light amount of geranium essential oil was added for its healing properties and for its subtle, luscious scent.

How To Use: Apply to face and body morning and night, and as needed throughout the day.