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Calendula, Calendula Cream, Calendula Salve

Today, I want to talk about CALENDULA.
 I'd like to share some information about this healing herb.
Calendula is useful in healing wounds, dermatitis ( eczema, psoriasis....), rosacea, cradle cap, diaper rashes, bug bites, cold sores, gastrointestinal problems, gum inflammation even gingivitis.
Calendula is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic, emmenagogue ( stimulates or increases menstrual flow ), lymphthatic, vulnerary ( of use in healing wounds ), diaphoretic ( induces sweating ), and cholagogue ( discharging bile from system ).
Applications, how to use and dosage of calendula:
creams, salves and ointments to be used as directed. Usually three to four times a day, sometimes more.
A calendula tea can be useful internally and externally used as a poultice or a wash to moderate fever.
Again, dosage three to four times a day for tea or external applications.
Those allergic to plants in the asteraceae family can develop a sensitivity to topical use.
The flowers have been used to decorate Hindu temples, colour food, cosmetics, and fabrics in ancient Greece; and garnished dishes in ancient Rome.
Calendula is a wonderful, magical herb to add to your first aid apothecary.
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