Rose Balm Has Multiple Purposes

A rose balm that does it all.
The following are 15 ways to use PRHA's rose balm, My Roses Got Balmed : ( it's pretty versatile stuff! )
Cleanser - Massage a small amount onto the face, and remove with a face cloth and warm water.
Moisturizer- Apply to a clean face massaging in an upward motion.
Facial Mask-Apply the balm all over a freshly washed face. Cover face with a warm damp cloth and leave for 10 min. Then remove with a fresh damp cloth and moisturize.
Lip Balm- Apply liberally to lips.
Make-Up Primer-Apply a small amount to freshly cleansed face. Allow a few minuted for this to set then apply make-up.
Nail Balm- Apply a small amount to cuticles at night to keep them soft and encourage strong nail growth.
Heel Softener- apply every night before bed. If heels are really dry, apply liberally and cover with socks.
Minor Burns and Abrasions- Run the affected area under cold running water, then liberally apply the rose balm to help prevent any blisters or bursting. For minor cut and scrapes, apply rose balm liberally to the cotton part of a band-aid and place over the affected area.
Hair Treatment- To protect hair from salt while at the beach, or chlorine while poolside, apply a small amount of rose balm in damp hair and massage it in. To remove, add a small amount of shampoo to hair and work it in prior to showering. Everything will rinse away leaving the hair soft and shiny.
Eyebrow Tamer- Apply a small amount of rose balm to the brow to help style and set.
Bug Bites- Apply a small amount directly to bug bite to prevent itching.
Eczema-Psoriasis- Most affective if applied to the areas of dried, irritated skin after bath or shower.
Poison Ivy- Apply as soon as possible directly to the affected skin to help prevent blistering.
Scar Treatment- Be sure the wound has closed and has started to heal. Apply rose balm morning and night to encourage the growth of healthy skin and minimize scaring.
I hope this has been helpful. A small jar or tin of rose balm is an important inexpensive item to have tucked in your vehicle, purse, travel bag etc.
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My Roses Got Balmed rose balm is in the shop in a 30 ml container.
Many of our products have Rose Water as the water base. This means that they also have the healing benefits of roses.