Cold Cream is Back by Popular Demand!

I grew up fascinated by the black and white movies my mother Betty loved to watch. I have fond memories of sitting next to her on her bed watching along as she would sew, fix, peel veggies, exercise....she knew how to multitask!

The women were so glamorous. Their beauty routines fascinated me, especially the ritual of applying cold cream at the end of the day to remove their makeup and moisturize.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to hear that cold cream had recently regained its popularity.

This began my quest for a modern version of an old favourite. It was a bit of a challenge to create an all natural recipe for cold cream when in the past they used such things as spermaceti, a wax from a sperm whale, Borax as a preservative, and even used radioactive dirt on actresses in commercials to show how effectively the cold cream would clean their face!

You Look Marvelous is a cold cream that is all natural and has multiple uses. Below are 8 ways it can be used regularly in your beauty routine:

*As a makeup remover ....even removes waterproof mascera !

*As a face cleanser. Use a warm damp face cloth to remove the cream.

*As a lip balm. Only use a small amount.

*As a nighttime moisturizer. Apply a thin layer over face and neck.

*As a face mask. Apply a thick layer of cold cream to the face and neck. Leave for 10 min then remove with a warm damp face cloth.

*As a shaving cream.

*As an after sun treatment. This is very soothing to the skin, especially if it's stored in  the fridge.

*As an elbow, knee, and heel moisturizer. The cold cream with soften the dry, scaly skin in those areas.